This page will have all of the guides/tutorials for how to work with this wiki.

Post Reforge:

Custom Navigation Bar
Exploring Your Site
Custom Characters Page
Custom Adventure Logs Listing
Nav-bar Sans Icons
Site-wide Table Formatting
Custom Styled Links
Clickable Map

Basic Guides:

Tyellador Best Practices – For policies/practices specifically for the Tyellador wiki.

Basic Wiki Tutorial
Intermediate Wiki Tutorial
Custom CSS Classes

Custom Guides:

Parchment Coding – How to get infinite parchment for a background.
Races Page Effect – How to change opacity and image on mouse-over.

Custom DM Screen:

Custom DM Screen – Not actually a tutorial, but a D&D 3.5 DM screen I made because I couldn’t find one that had all the information I wanted.

From Before the Reforging:

Menu Bar – How to get a (somewhat) custom menu bar.
Transparent Sidebar – How to get the transparent sidebar effect
Old Style Editor


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