Textile Tutorial

Intermediate Wiki Tutorial

Intro to Textile: The formatting bar.

TLDR: Make this easy.

Obsidian Portal allows use of a web language called Textile to format pages. They have also very graciously given a cheat-sheet to the right of any page you are editing, along with a link to a fantastic reference site. Textile allows for fairly simple text formatting. Placing asterisks “*” around text will

*make it appear bold.* 

make it appear bold.

Putting pound-signs “#” in front of lines will let you create

# a 
# numbered
# list
  1. a
  2. numbered
  3. list

While putting asterisks “*” will let you create

* a
* bullet-point
* list.
  • a
  • bullet-point
  • list.

Headings are done by typing in "h(1-6). " h1. would be

fairly large

while h6.

not so much.

For everything just mentioned, you’ll also notice that at the top of the editing box, Obsidian Portal gives you quick and easy links for all of these.

Using these buttons makes creating wiki pages a breeze, especially the Characters/Wiki Pages lists. Try them out!

Intermediate Textile

What if you want to move your text around? Now you’ll actually need to do some coding!

Using vertical bars “|”, you can easily

create all sorts
of custom tables.

Textile Tutorial

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