Party Inventory

Party Inventory

This page will (attempt) to contain an up-to-date party inventory, including treasure found. This would include the coins looted from the bandit’s chest, but not the Wand of Fireballs that Who is hiding in her feathers.

Treasure found:

Bandit Chest:
352 gp
3,476 sp
964 cp
Holy Water (x4)
Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
Arcane scrolls (Mount, Darkvision, Blindness/Deafness)
Masterwork Longbow

Dwarven Ruins:
Masterwork Dwarven Fullplate (x2)
Masterwork Dwarven Longsword (x2)
Gems (x2)


Lina Bowman Masterwork Longbow
Runa Egilsdottir Arcane Scrolls (x3)
Shil McTire Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
Angelica Starfist Masterwork Dwarven Longsword
Bragi Hammerfell Bandit camp coins, Dwarven Fullplate (x2), Masterwork Dwarven Longsword

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Party Inventory

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