Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-Trade Guilds

The world of Tyellador is a dangerous place. Powerful monsters and creatures roam the lands and seas. A single high-level mage can destroy a kingdom, a few the world. Artifacts created from before history began can give a single individual the power of a god.

Since the breakup of The Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire there is no single nation with the military might, stability, influence or knowledge to protect the realms of Bhenor.

The Rangers

The Rangers can trace their lineage to before the First Human Empire, making them probably the oldest known, and one of the most respected human organizations. Although technically having no political affiliations, the Rangers have usually been charged with defending those nations lying North of the Great Inland Sea.

The Rangers are charged with defending the borders of civilization against threats from the outside. Although at rare times this will involve organized invading forces (such as the Orcs), it is more usual for the Rangers to defend against beasts, both mundane and magical. A wandering Rust Monster or Owlbear can quickly overwhelm a town’s guard or a caravan, which is why the Rangers are highly trained in the tracking and killing of these beasts.

The Rangers have been reborn and re-branded many times, but through each transition a core group has retained the traditions and customs of the very first Rangers. (Although as the centuries have moved on, some customs and wording have been altered to mesh with current sensibilities.)

Most recently, during the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire, the Rangers were known as the “Sovereign Protectors of Humanity and her Borders.” Shortly after the fall of the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire the Rangers retook their old name, and discarded some of the more pomp-filled ceremonies devised during the Second Empire.


Knights of Normal


Mage’s Collective

Anti-anti-mage; anti-crazy-mage.

Independent Contractor’s Union (ICU)

Procures information; Gets things done.

The Iron Dogs

A mercenary group in Melyana renowned for their honor founded by Captain Wilhem Trodai 45 years ago. Named The Iron Dogs for their strength and their loyalty. A very exclusive group to join not only because of the physical demands, but also because the high morality each of its members must show.

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Non-Governmental Organizations

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