Kibilînbad Mountains


The Kibilînbad Mountains are the most ancient home of the Dwarves, who are said to have been hewn from its very stone. Though a large part of the Dwarves long ago departed to the Mizimînbad mountains, seeking gems and ores in its newer slopes, after 2205 no Dwarf has resided there; all have retreated from the Orcish onslaught to Kibilînbad. Thus, despite Kibilînbad’s ancientness, its cavernous halls are immensely busy, bordering on cramped, though they are monumental in size and structure. It is said that there are hidden passages in deep caverns below which will lead Dwarves back to the core of the Mizimînbads, under the Rùfshîn, to expand ever nearer to their now-denied home halls.

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