continent of luscious greenery, thick forests and high plateaus, sweeping plains and flowing rivers, Eldamar is rumoured to be as ethereal and beautiful a place as the Elves which live upon it. Few modern humans have ever seen its shores, protected as it is by a thick layers of diversion spells among the coastline. Long ago, however, there was a bridge which extended in friendship from its northern coastline to the banks of Melyana, an imitation of the similar bridge in Eldamar’s south used by the Gnomes from the KibilĂ®nbad mountains to exchange fine blocks of silver, gold, and precious stones of many colors for silks, dyes, and exotic fruits.

These days, in the wake of the general Peace of 2483, trade has resumed with the Elves, but the bridge has not, setting up the ever-uneven exchange of luxury items which drives the human economy from Sebkighrem to Hvalr Vik.



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