Custom Adventure Logs Listing

Custom Adventure Logs Listing

This is a guide on how to change the default layout of the Adventure Logs page after the reforging.

This guide will be broken into a few sections depending on what you want to do.

Adventure Log Title:
Adventure Log Date:

First thing to change is the Adventure Log date that appears to the right of each individual adventure log. There’s a few things we can do here. For Tyellador, I simply wanted it gone:

.adventure-log-post-container .post-date {display: none;}

But you could also easily change the background, set a background, or change the font. If you wanted the background to be green that’s a little see-through, you’d put this in:

.adventure-log-post-container .post-date {background-color: green; opacity: 0.8;}

You can also sent the background color to transparent, and that way you’ll only see the text. If you want to throw in a background image:

.adventure-log-post-container .post-date {background-color: transparent; background-image: url(‘’); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 100% 100%;}

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Custom Adventure Logs Listing

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