Ra's Al Ghul

The Fallen

3,000/6,000 XP

Player: Class/Level: Race: Age: Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair:
Dan Ninja 2 Elf(Sy-Tel’Quessir) 895 5’8" 220lbs Blue Black
Stats Major Skills
STR 14 HP 10 - -
DEX 18 AC 12 - -
CON 12 SPEED 30 - -
INT 10 FORT 0 - -
WIS 14 REF 5 - -
CHA 12 WILL 1 - -

Main Weapon:

Kama 0 1d6+1 x2
Slashing Trip Attack

Secondary Weapon:

Shuriken +2 1d2 x2
10ft. Piercing x5 =1/2lbs & 1GP

Tertiary Weapon:

Kukuri +2 1d4 18-20/x2
Slashing -

Special Abilities:

Ability Description
Ki Power: A ninja can channel her ki to manifest special powers of stealth and mobility.
Sudden Strike: (+1d6) If a ninja can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can strike a vital spot for extra damage.
Trap Finding: A ninja can use the Search skill to locate traps with a DC higher than 20, and she can use Disable Device to bypass a trap or disarm magic traps.
Ghost Step(Invisibility): Starting at 2nd level, a ninja can spend one daily use of her ki power to become invisible for 1 round.
Languages: Native Fluent Broken
Common, Elven


Ra’s Al Ghul is from a group of elves known as the Wild elves or green elves, also known as Sy-tel-quessir. Losing touch with their ancient traditions and regressing more into ‘primitivism’ the green elves became clan-based and then tribe-based, eventually becoming the wild elves as they are known today. As of 1374 DR, they are an extremely insular race who remain close to nature and are rarely seen by other races. They have a heavier build and darker skin than other elf subraces despite having a similar average height.

When Ra’s was a baby, his parents where killed by the Vecna(For reason unknown). Moments later he was found by a traveling group of mercenary humans who took him with them to the Ieldranweald Forest. Figuring that having a elf as part of their group could come in handy one day, they decided to train him to fight. Naturally, Ra’s took to it like a fish to water. Learning various skills from the humans. When he was old enough he struck out on his own on make a name for his while learning more about his “real people” and seeking revenge.

Ra’s spent 2oo years searching for his people, who due to happenings in the past, have regressed to a more primal state, hardly communicating with Humans or other Elves. Along his travels he meet a aging Shadow Elf coming to the end of his life. The aging Shadow Elf to a liking to the young Ghul and decided that he needed some direction or at least some type of guidence. From that point, Ra’s began learning under the Elf. 100 years of mastering a fighting and utilizing shadows. As the Shadow Elf laid on his death bed, he imparted on Ra’s rumors he had heard about the Vecna and gave Ra’s one last task. To take him to the temple of his God so that he may partake in the Death ritual of Nerull.

While at the temple, Ra’s at the suggestion of the aging Shadow Elf, went through the arduous initiation of becoming one of the clerics of He Who Revels in the Slaying of the Living. For the next 300 years he served at the temple, carrying out various tasks in honor of his God. but no matter what he did, his heart sought revenge. Which lead him to leave the temple and resume his search.

For the next 200 years he followed every rumor and sighting, in hope of finding the people who killed his parents and finding out why.His path eventually led him to Healwud. Where he has been for the past month or so. In his stay there he has become close friends with the Sheriff Lyfalia “Leaf” Greyelm. Through that relationship, Ra’s was able to get a “job” with Lord Xavhorn Soulaxe, who is rumored to have a connection to the Vecna. Lord Xavhorn has “hired” to keep eyes and ears out for any troubling news.

Ra's Al Ghul

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