Campaign of the Month: April 2014



In which no one trusts anyone else.

At the Grainary, Ra’s the wild elf has bought the use of the space from the owner till 10 at night. Not too long after the fight breaks out in the bar, Shil enters the now-empty Grainary, casing the joint and hiding behind the door frame as best he can. When Ra’s places a letter with the seal of Lord Xavhorn Soulaxe the Rising Hawk on the Grainary counter, all potential trust between the two evaporates, as the seal matches that on the order to kidnap people from the forest, keeping them alive and away from Healwud for no doubt nefarious reasons. Shil thus greets Ra’s with a dagger in the face, but although Ra’s does not give satisfactory reasons to produce trust despite his working for the Soulaxe family, Shil puts faith in Ra’s word, promising to return to the Grainary after conducting some business.

Ra’s heads forth to meet with Leaf. When she inquires about his location and injury, he lies and states that he was injured by orcs outside the south gate of town, and sends her guardsmen on a wild goose chase after orcs in the Ieldranweald.

Lina Bowman, Runa Egilsdottir, and Shil McTire meet again in the woody sanctuary of the Temple of Ehlonna. Aware that a man-hunt is ongoing for both Shil alone and for three strangers, two female and one male, they agree that Lina, the most respectable of the group and the only one with a public face of good standing, should meet with Sheriff Lyfalia. Lina agrees to signal when it is safe for all to reappear (and, presumably, charges with violent outcomes are dropped) after the 4pm meeting, and the party disperses.

In this brief window before meeting with the Sheriff, Shil decides to test Ra’s’s ability to be trusted by giving him an assignment. Despite having just promised the Sheriff he would be on the southern side of Healwud’s wall, Ra’s is to accompany the Sheriff to the meeting at the Temple of Ehlonna at 4 and ensure that all goes well. Ra’s smooth-talks his way into accompanying the Sheriff. Arriving half an hour early with an armed guard, Leaf is much surprised to see a lovely cleric of Ehlonna instead of the rowdy bar-patron who she agreed to meet at 4. Lina diplomatically explains Shil’s and the party’s predicament, and alerts the Sheriff to the ill-happenings beyond the town limits and Lord Xavhorn Soulaxe’s potential part in them. After Ra’s offers to pay the bar fine, and Shil appears from his tree to vouch for himself, Leaf agrees to let the party investigate Lord Xavhorn Soulaxe without armed supervision from the town guardsmen.

With permission granted from the Sheriff, the adventurers decide to have Ra’s, who is part of Lord Xavhorn’s court, introduce Runa as a wandering bard seeking to write the deeds of the Soulaxe family— and thus have her pepper him with questions on all of his doings. Shil plans to sneak in and raid Lord Xavhorn’s papers, but also perhaps to make an appearance in court himself. Lina, as a person of import to the Temple of Ehlonna, may also drop by the Soulaxe hall, but may also stay at the Temple gathering information, networking with the other clerics of Ehlonna, and formulating an escape plan in case Xavhorn becomes wise to the party’s scheme.


Thorvaldr Meagoinc

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