Campaign of the Month: April 2014


Clerics on the Run

Disguises and drinks. What could go wrong?

After exiting the bear cave, Shil, Lina, Runa, Angelica and Bragi rest briefly and consider where they are headed post-kidnapping. Angelica decides to report the scheme about the bandits posing as guardsmen posing as priests of Vecna to the authorities in Eastethgeat, and Bragi follows on the same path, heading to his next secret quest. Danen Gandalf Moniker declines to head towards Healwud, deciding instead to ply his wares elsewhere. Lina and Shil have business in Healwud, so head away in that direction, and Runa tags along, hoping for a good story. The three decide to pose as the people-posing-as-clerics-of-Vecna mentioned in the letter found in the bandit camp. Shil disguises everyone using his knowledge of…disguising people, and Runa changes the color of everyone’s cloaks 15 minutes from town so that the party better fits the intimidating description of clerics of Vecna.

Once they reach the town gate, Shil intimidates the guards, who appear unsure whether to treat the party as VIPs or wanted criminals. Runa shows the guardsman the seal on the letter found at the bandit camp, and Lina uses diplomacy to convince the guardsman to let them in— but the guardsmen call both the head of the guard and, potentially, the person to whom the seal belongs. Leaf, the Sheriff of Healwud, is alerted from her conversation in a pub to the presence of three people claiming to be clerics of Vecna.

Once in town, the three adventurers abandon their clerical disguises and split up. Briefly, Lina walks into the Grainary, before being redirected into a local inn/bar. In that same bar, Shil buys rounds of stout for everyone, talking the barkeep into a price of 1s7c/pint, and meets a couple of mysterious strangers. Unfortuately, Shil also gets into a fight with the Sheriff Lyfalia Greyelm at the bar by making a “your mom” joke, and then is goaded into a drinking challenge by Ra’s, a charismatic stout wild elf, with the loser headed to the stocks for the day (it is only noon, after all). At the seventh drink, Leaf and Shil agree (sort of) to meet at the Temple of Ehlonna in four hours, as Ra’s has passed Shil a note saying to meet at the Grainary nearby as soon as possible. A barfight breaks out, incited by Ra’s invisible pushing, and Lina and Runa take this as a cue to cast obscuring mist and to sing up some swirling lights, distracting that bar patrons further as everyone makes their escape.

In the pub, Runa poses as a devotee of the god Obad-Hai to Ra’s, claiming to have been in town for three weeks, and retires to that Temple after the barfight. She learns from Ra’s that trade has been disrupted to the South and West, and from the other bar patron she speaks to she learns that his shipments have been disrupted for at least a week.

After the barfight, Lina heads to the Temple of Ehlonna, gaining both local favor and potential places to sleep at night for the whole party. Runa heads to the Temple of Obad-Hai, and Shil heads away secretly to his secret spot and/or the Grainary.


Thorvaldr Thorvaldr

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