Mereleigh surrounds the Gem Lake, fed by the Wealdstream and the river Ea. Thanks to its providential location, it is the manner by which all boat traffic from Bhenoria, Bordholt, and Haligeard head north, and thus Mereleigh has made its riches not only through trade, but through levying fees for ships to pass through Gem Lake.

Despite being far from the Great Inland Sea, Mereleigh has always felt itself, and always aspired to be, very metropolitan. Its cities have striven to be equal to Cyngordyn, and before the Orcish invasion, they very nearly surpassed it. Trade was of the essence, and the more colored goods, the merrier: thus Mereleigh and all its cities and towns have bedecked themselves with as much finery as each can muster.

Aelgarth is Mereleigh’s capital, though Onllwyn controls most of the trade north from Hvalr Vik and the movement of grains from Feldlond and Fasnach is the gateway to Bhenoria, Bordholt, and Haligeard. Still, Aelgarth gets its share of the pie, and spends it as lavishly as it can, for the glory of all Mereleigh.



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