A city of just under 10,000; Healwud has long sat at the edge of the Ieldranweald, on the banks of Beorhstream and in the shadow of the Mizimînbad Mountains. Built from a combination of Ieldranweald wood and Mizimînbad stone, Healwud is the most Eastern major human city aside from the hotly contested Grimströnd, and like Grimströnd, it lives under the threat of the Orcs.

Though always at risk of Orcish attack, Healwud considers itself under the protection of the Ieldranweald, and prides itself on its role as the Ieldranweald’s caretaker. If one wishes to log the Ieldranweald, one supplicates to the Eorl and various clergy at Healwud first, or else faces otherworldly consequences. It is believed that in return for this safeguarding and respect, the wood logged from the Ieldranweald possesses special qualities, and that the forest itself prevents Orcs from passing through its borders. Healwud is the beneficiary of these gifts, and thus is treated as both a hub of trade and a pilgrimage site. Though not the largest forest in Tyellador, the Temples of Ehlonna and Obad-Hai honor the Ieldranweald in Healwud.

Merchants sail up the Beorhstream from Easteðgeat to Healwud not only trade for the forest’s blessed products but also to take to the Inland Sea various ales and meads produced in the fields to the west of Healwud. In that respect, Healwud is the “little sister” to Cornwick, bringing grain from the “bread basket” of the former Bhenorian Empire out to the West.

Healwud considers itself neutral from most political affairs, seeing itself tied with the Ieldranweald more closely than with any nation. Although Healwud has been forced to pick up arms for its mother nation in the past, it is usually slow and hesitant in these matters. The mayor of Healwud is usually a former priest or worshiper of Obad-Hai, and ruling with the same neutrality and seeming detachment as is seen in the worship of Obad-Hai.

Notable Establishments:

The Pig and Spigot Pub and Inn
Orville Redinpoplar’s Emporium
Aldeon Ehlenestra

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