Considered the “bread basket” of the human lands, Feldlond is blessed with the most arable ground in Tyellador apart from Eldamar. These fertile fields of rich and loamy soil produce most of the grain— and the highest quality of such— used as rations throughout the former Empire. Acres of wheat and barley contribute to the finest ales not of Dwarven make, and vegetables grow with aplumb, always stout and filling.

Historically, this has made Feldlond the heart of much conflict in the Eastern realm of the former Empire, prey to raids from the Hestvöllr peoples, dangerously in the path of Orcs seeking riches, conquests, or supplies, and always at the heart of fighting among the human kingdoms seeking to wrest Feldlond’s bounty to their political causes.

The capitol of Feldlond is Clifforð, but Cornwick is the center of commerce, and all farmers journey there to pay taxes and to trade their goods.



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