Campaign of the Month: April 2014



Shil McTire follows up on a lead from the ICU, meeting in the north-west corner of the Soulaxe Estate with Eny (Enigma) his ICU contact. Ironically, Lord Xavhorn Soulaxe has hired the ICU to investigate the presence of Clerics of Vecna at the town’s gate three days prior.

Lord Xavhorn had never seen reports of Clerics of Vecna operating in the day, stating that they were “not ones for polite society.” He had also never heard of Clerics of Vecna coming to a city gate and “knocking”. Shil pressed Xavhorn for more information: after sending Eny out from the room, and being made many promises of secrecy, Xavhorn finally admits more knowledge. He confesses to hearing of bandits on the road to the south and west kidnapping people, and potentially bringing them to the North. When asked about possible associates of the clerics of Vecna, Xavhorn mentions an Adept north of the city who may be knowledgeable about Vecna— or connected to clerics.


Thorvaldr Thorvaldr

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