Campaign of the Month: April 2014


Dwarven Ruins Part III

Fuck the Bear

Our band of adventurers regroups after slaying the ghouls, and decides to quickly finish exploring the ruins. Searching the small southern room, they find a room very similar to the small room to the north. They once again find very fine Dwarven armor, a Dwarven longsword, and a gem.

Heading west, the party enters an empty room with complex glyphs and a large circle on the floor. Runa Egilsdottir is able to determine that the circle is arcane, and belongs to the Conjuration school of magic.

Leaving the room and heading north, the party decides to check out the room with the howling/windy noises. They find a stream running from north to south with a small pond towards the southern end of the room, and they see some old water barrels. Finding nothing of interest, the group decides that it is time at last to leave the ruins.

Winding their way back to the entrance, Lina Bowman has a moral quandary on whether or not she should take the cubic locking device that is keeping the door sealed. Shil McTire, who suffers from no moral dilemmas, tries to take the cube.


Danen quickly walks past the party to silence and deactivate the device.

The entrance door is slowly opened, and a sleeping bear is noticed towards the side. Bragi Hammerfell stealthily walks up towards the bear, keeping himself between the bear and the rest of the party.

The rest of the party… not as stealthily. Loudly and rudely waking up the bear, various party members futilely attack the bear until Bragi hefts his mighty hammer, bringing it solidly down on top of the bear, staggering the bear under the mighty blow. Shil takes this opening to stab the bear, which he does. The bear is quickly ended.

The bear is thoroughly searched by Shil, and skinned by Runa, who also takes some bear-meat for rations. Their foe now being thoroughly defeated, they venture forth from the cave and ruins 25 hours after entering. (Though to some, it seemed like months…)


Thorvaldr Thorvaldr

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