Campaign of the Month: April 2014


Dwarven Ruins

Inside the ruins

The adventurers start from their campsite and head down the doorway to their South. After descending a type of spiral staircase for about 60’ down, they encounter a somewhat large room from the North with webbing at the ceiling, a pile of sacks towards the North-West, and a pile of rubbish in the center. Shil, playing it safe, throws a flask of Alchemist’s Fire towards the ceiling, burning the webs. 4 tiny husks fall to the floor, along with one small conflagrated spider, which begins crawling towards the party. Lina fires at the small spider, her arrow hitting just towards its side. Bragi picks up his mighty hammer, swinging at the spider and knocking it 5 feet to the left, the spider dying from a combination of fire and blunt-force trauma soon after.

The party searches the rest of the room. Searching the sacks in the North West, some yellow mold is dispersed which hits Runa, giving her a coughing fit (and a decrease to her constitution.) Searching in the middle of the room, Shil finds some gold pieces. The party listens to each of the doors surrounding the room (coming in from the North, they listen to the West, South and East doorways.) They hear some moaning, windy noise from the West door, so decide to search the East door. Opening it up, they find a large room with four doors inside. Opening each of the doors they find 4 wooden bunk-beds, with chests full of old clothes. The ragged clothing is the correct height for a Dwarf, but too narrow for a dwarf’s rugged frame.

The party then leaves the dormitory area and heads down the south corridor. The corridor is about 100’ long and goes down about 60’, where they find another, even larger room. Once again there are doorways to the West, South and East. The party finds a variety of Dwarven weapons, along with some practice targets/dummies in the main room. They decide to go back up to the previous dormitory to make a temporary camp.

A quasi-map of the area:

Back towards the cave
_________| |_________
| |
__ | | ___
Windy | Dormitory Area
Noises_ ___|
| |
|________ _________ |
| |
|_ |
100’ passage
__________ | | __________
| |
| |
_ | | ___

__ ___
| |
| |
|___________ ____________|
| |


Thorvaldr Thorvaldr

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