Campaign of the Month: April 2014


Bear Cave

The fuck is there a bear!?

Our adventure starts at the bandit camp. A sore and bloodied half-elf stumbles into the now somewhat decimated campsite. A tarp is hanging low on its lines, a tent is collapsed by a dead body.

As our group of adventurers begins to converse for the first time (for most of them), Shil McTire opens the locked chest in the middle of the campground. Finding a nearby sack, the party fills it with coins that the chest was containing, keeping a sharp eye out to maximize the gold and silver thrust into the back. Runa Egilsdottir and Shil also took this time to search the rest of the camp. Shil finds himself a nice new piece of leather armor, and a fancy new bow for Lina Bowman. Runa finds a letter on the dead Ranger, along with a few arcane scrolls in the camp.

Upon receipt and acceptance of this notice, you are to stop any person(s) from entering the provincial area of Healwud from the West and South for a period of two weeks. Killings of any person shall be avoided unless completely necessary, and even in these circumstances appropriate measures should be taken to heal said person. For each person killed, a penalty of 2 gp shall be levied on your final payment. For each person captured alive, a bounty of 1 gp shall be given.

Every 2 days a man will be sent to gather the captured. He will claim to be a cleric of Vecna. (I advise you inform your men that this is not the case.) You are to hold the prisoners and to keep them ill-informed.

You shall receive half-again your usual daily rate: 24 sp a day. You shall further hire an additional 12 men to be paid a base of 3 sp per day, with bonuses for bounties split as you see fit and given above. The roads are to be guarded at all times. Sloppiness will not be tolerated.


The group all took a look at the letter as the rain started to become heavier. Angelica Starfist found part of the seal familiar, but wasn’t able to place it. As the thunderstorm began to grow, the group decided to begin heading towards Healwud, and hopefully find shelter along the way.

Following the calls of Who, the group made their way to a cave. While talking amongst themselves, Bragi Hammerfell found a very slick, yet very not-locking stone-door of Dwarven make at the back of the cavern. (Noting that the locking mechanism to the door has simply worn away or broken with time.) The group decided to make camp in the cave to wait-out the rain. A random stranger is able to identify the seal as probably belonging to the Soulaxe family, and explains that each member always incorporates an axe into their seal’s motif in some fashion.

However, a few hours after the group fell asleep, Who began hooting up a storm. The group quickly jumped up to battle, as a large bear burst through the cave entrance. Upon this sight, the group quickly funneled their way into the passage previously found by the Dwarf, and were able to wedge the Dwarven door closed. After Shil went ahead (setting off a trap with a tripwire set just over 5’ off the ground), the group explored their new area, finding a total of two illusionary doors (I), as follows:

To cave entrance
| |
| |_________________
| I______X_______ |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| |______________| |
|________ _________|
| I |
| |

The group decides to camp at X, to regain their strength, the door to the cave entrance being barricaded successfully against the bear.


While at the camp, the group has time to count out the coins collected form the bandit camp in peace. As a group, you count a total of 352gp, 3,476sp, and 964cp. (A total of 709gp and 2.4sp.)

The group also has four flasks of some unknown liquid. (With a roll of 17,) Angelica is able to tell that these are flasks of Holy Water. She informs the group that Holy Water is known for it’s ability to cause great harm to the undead or evil creatures, and are usually used by simply throwing the flask at said creature, where they shatter upon impact.


Thorvaldr Thorvaldr

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