Campaign of the Month: April 2014


Slaughter them all!

Kill ALL of the bandits!

Our band of yet-to-be intrepid adventurers slowly woke up, hog-tied under a tarp. As Shil McTire awoke, he pulled a dagger from his boot, freeing himself and the other captives from their bonds. Shil immediately started sneaking around the outside of the camp to the chest with his equipment. Simultaneously, Runa Egilsdottir started sneaking around the other side of the camp (hiding behind a tree) while Lina Bowman walked up to the bandits to cast a fog-spell. Runa stepped on a branch just as finished her spell, alerting the bandits to the party’s presence while sending them into mass confusion.

The bandits immediately tried to escape the fog. Two escaped back towards the tarp, one of which was immediately induced into sleep by Runa. The third attempted to escape the fog away from the fog, but was stabbed through the face by Shil, dying instantly against the tent next to him.

At this point, Bragi Hammerfell finally awoke. Seeing the confusion around the camp, he took the only sensible option left to him: try to turtle under the canvas tarp above him. However, despite jumping and successfully grabbing onto the canvas, not even our mighty Dwarf could wrest it from the trees’ grasp. Upon being shot by a scared young woman (presumed to be one of the bandits), Bragi let go of his rope and charged the frightened archer, swinging his spike gauntlets so hard that he pirouetted —though he missed her face. At this scene, the bandit woman decided that her best course of action was to bolt.

Now at a lull in the fighting, the not-quite-yet-a-group banded together to reclaim their weapons from near the trunk, and then turn their attention to the sleeping bandit. At this moment, a sound from the woods alerted them to an animal running towards them. Shil killed the sleeping bandit, and all of the group prepared to fight.

As the wolf leaped from the forest, Lina, Runa and Bragi all shot, and missed, the lunging wolf. The wolf attempted to pounce on Lina, although she managed to stay upright. After getting stabbed by Shil, the wolf decided to go for a softer target, and made a run for Runa. (A tasty snack that the wolf knew from before.)

At this point, Angelica Starfist arrived on the scene with her guard-companion. She quickly jumped into the fray, attacking a wolf who was harassing Runa. Her guard-companion, confused and concerned at the scene, ran off into the woods.

Simultaneously, Lina was shot by an arrow from the woods. As Shil moved in to defend Lina, he was struck down by another arrow and collapsed to the ground.

The wolf, now surrounded by two enemies, decided to make a quick break for it, returning to the woods from which it had come. Runa and Angelica were able to trade some quick words as Lina began magically healing Shil. Braggi took this opportunity to transpose himself between the downed Shil and the unknown attacker.

As Braggi took a look at the downed Rogue, he was attacked from behind. Summoning all of his primeval instincts, he bravely ran away to behind the fire to reassess the situation. (A tactic of which the unconscious and dying Shil was very disparaging.)

At this point, the stranger cast Entangle, revealing himself to be a Ranger. This ranger spell, befitting of its name, entangled the party in a multitude of small grasping plants. Shil, now healed to a full 1hp, decided that his best tactic was to run as fast as he could away from the battle. The Ranger’s wolf, who had circled around the back of the camp to a flanking position, saw the wounded Shil run away, and decided to take up the chase of its wounded, bleeding prey.

Runa was able to move out of the entangling vines and throw acid at the Ranger, and Lina escaped their grasp as well, summoning a Celestial dog which attacked the Ranger, dealing massive damage. Angelica took this opportunity to take up a flanking position and stab him with her spear. From this onslaught, the Ranger was quickly brought down.

During this time, Shil managed to scurry up a tree away from the wolf that was also being harried by the talons of a small owl. He drew his knife and was able to stab the injured wolf during one of its lunges, landing a final killing blow.

Once Shil returned to the campsite, our adventurers were reunited amongst their inflicted carnage, safe for the time being, but completely unaware as to their location and the (all told) merciful bandits’ original purposes.


Thorvaldr Thorvaldr

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